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Delve into the world of Liisa Savinov-Mountain and above else, remember to always embrace the unbelievable…


Raised upon a rescue animal farm, exploring the great outdoors resulting in the ultimate desire to experience and be inspired by many various avenues in life.  Addicted to the written word and thrown into a various amount of high competition sports from being an extremely energetic child.

from a young age...

From a young age, designing buildings and writing stories were a favourite past time activity, as well as continuous mathematics upon any car journey. Having first published story in the newspaper, a Christmas tale by the age of 10.  Teachers often had to pry tests out of hand from writing too much…


Deciding upon a career of design in the architectural/landscape world and spending a year in Scotland working on castles and projects in the UK, Italy and Kuwait.  It soon inspired a venture into the world of fashion modeling became a second nature hobby after being approached by a few models and photographers. Famous last words were though, ‘not in a million years would I ever model...’


Four years of fashion modeling in Canada and the UK, turned a new interest to stand up comedy. Traveling to various Canadian cities and even Chicago to perform and many prestigious clubs.


Now in the pursuit to find my Finnish heritage and master a comedic/modeling cookbook, the ‘Model Survival Cookbook.’








Fashion Articles


October 2012 Issue- I’m Image Magazine ‘My Purple World’

A fashion article published in the Montreal magazine I’m Image based on the vast rich fashion history and the scientific theory that the colour purple was once the dominant colour of the plants and oceans, creating a purple world.

Photographer Alfredo Cristiano


February 2013 Issue- I’m Image Magazine ‘#1652’

An article inspired by the historically rich and bizarre apartment building I found myself living in, with the former family having saved all the clothes since the 1930s onwards.

Photographer: Claude Belanger, Editor of I’m Image Magazine







Broken Land Trilogy

Inspired by the legendary tragedy of Carmen, a young and avid girl who just happens to be the daughter of a murdered King in a land full of turmoil and danger.  Sivaine faces the challenges of uniting the many races within the land of Tocha, but it is continually hunted down and effected by those seeking to ruin the very goodness of the land, including a persuasive Dragon.  In her years of being a monarch she faces many challenges, and even different worlds to experience.  With the help of those loyal to her, and a giant Spider that eventually shares a connection very deep with her.


Silk Fan

It is 1937 and a young English woman Clarissa, is requested by her archaeologist father to come to Shanghai. Upon her arrival, she discovers that her sole surviving parent has been mysteriously killed.  With the turmoil of the Sino-Japanese war about to begin, the death was likely to prevent his most recent potential discovery to come to light, the Cunxu Treasure.  An ancient treasure created by an ambitious Prince of Jin and his army who would one day become Emperor in 923 C.E. The story follows the journey of Clarissa, and the young woman who had been captured by the Cunxu army who unwittingly would be the only one who would know of the location of the vast treasure formed.  If the treasure comes to light, then China perhaps could recover its strength before war officially breaks out.

Model Survival Cookbook

What possibly could models eat? Other then nothing, the truth is the matter is really mostly coffee and tic tacs and whatever happens to be free at shoots.  To survive on a fashion model diet and fully aware of the stereotypes, here are the recipes that kept one fashion model alive and walking in fabulous heels.


A sample: Normal model lunch

Let’s think about this logically for a moment, the act of lunching is not normal for models.  The idea of eating in public is a horrible nightmare for most, that or extremely seductive.  Either way, we are out of our element during meals unless we are somehow in the mysterious scenario with other models.  Then it turns into a Who Can Eat Less Competition.  No one wins there...


Must Have on Hand:

  • Bottle water, refilled old one picked up from a past shoot
  • Black coffee and/or tea
  • Second coffee or latte if bought for during/post shoot
  • Tictacs for when feeling woozy
  • Free fruit if given provided at shoots
  • on the rare occasion pizza is provided, don’t eat it... too messy at shoot locations...



Although frequently I am approached for free advice on weight management, I tend to respond by inquiring devotion/intensity on losing weight.  Simply it comes down to two versions of advice.  There’s the way the majority of the way the world works proper nutrition, exercise and wise life decisions so that you can afford food.  And then there is us one percent-ers that sustain on the diet of air for reasons of vanity and business.


Lunch break is over anyways... but seriousness here for once: drink water and tea, eat well and get off your lazy ass.  The other bit is sheer will to keep from cramming food into your mouth.



Model Tip: Alternative old mint found in purse received during a dinner you didn’t want to have but still attended if only for a free meal



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and so I leave you with this final thought...

Oo, ee, oo ah ah,

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Wala wala bing bang,

Oo ee, oo ah ah,

Ting tang,

Walawala bang bang

   - Dr. Demento



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